Proud to announce Anthony Biggers as our new Eligibility and Compliance Director

Team Rumble is proud to announce Anthony Biggers, as our Eligibility and Compliance Director.  To many programs focus on just basketball, with the promise of making sure their athletes are eligible.  Team Rumble is about academics first.  We thrive to make sure that our athletes are academically competitive as well as athletically competitive.  “When I joined the program, I knew that the vision was more than just basketball.  I knew I needed to bring in someone who would do a great job, but do more than what would be expected.  Tony is so passionate about the academic’s and helping kids, that bringing him on board with us would take the program to the next level!” stated Kenny Richard who is the director of operations for Team Rumble.  We are more than sports.  We want to provide a program that helps kids enjoy basketball, but more importantly help the kids in other aspects of life.  Welcome to the family Mr. Anthony Biggers.  We will be announcing our board very soon.  Stay tuned.

If you are interested in signing your child up for Team Rumble basketball fill out the form below.

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