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While other kids are focusing on rest, or other sports, TEAM RUMBLE PLAYERS are trying to get the edge.  With the JR NBA LEAGUE, it will allow are players to work on their games, have FUN, and catch the competition.  More importantly, the FREE WORKOUTS before the league starts, for all helps with core training, speed/agility, and skill work.  The league is for all kids 10 and under, BOYS AND GIRLS.  Check out the INTENSE TEAM RUMBLE WORKOUT BELOW, while the kids have a lot of FUN!!!

Father and son Team Rumble game! Huge success!!

It was a battle at Western Tech high school as the parents and coaches played against the players. “After a long year, it’s always good to have some fun and get rid of stress. That’s the environment Coach Chuck and I want to be apart of”, said coach Renard. Shout out to all the parents who participated. Next is our cookout and award ceremony. Tentative date is 8/12/2017. Free food and lots of fun. More details to come.

TEAM RUMBLE CRAB FEAST: HUGE SUCCESS! Thanks for your support.

Fun, fun, and more fun. The Team Rumble Crabfeast was a huge success. Dancing, gambling, karaoke, good food, and more importantly great crabs. We can’t  wait to do it next year. The date is already in.  Fathers Day weekend. Saturday June 16th. We sold out last year so get your tickets early.

Checkout some pictures of the event!  Video coming soon!

The Karaoke was the show!

Good food and the crabs were banging

The dance floor was live

50/50 Raffle

Bellys were full  crabs delivered to the table!

Door prizes were a hit

Hope to see you next year






Shout out to coach Renard and his 12-13 team for bring home another chip!  They have been playing up age during tough tournaments and the hard work has paid off. We will continue to grind. #RUMBLE FAMILY

Team Rumble’s Jr NBA LEAGUE coming soon

Team Rumble will be having a fun, developmental league with the help of partnering with the NBA. TEAM RUMBLE’S JR NBA LEAGUE will allow kids to get NBA replica uniforms and play on teams. The day will always begin with drills/ skill work and will finish will teams playing games. The price will an AFFORDABLE price of only be $55. If you want your child to learn, develop, get extra bump, or just have fun playing and wearing a NBA uniform this league is for you. For more information contact us now!!!

Team Rumble Crab Feast SOLD OUT!!! 

We are so excited to announce our Team Rumble Crab Feast is Soldout. For those that did not get tickets we will be looking to see you next year. Stay tuned for video and pictures. 

9U coming around

Coach Fitz has that 9U coming around. Slowly but surely they are starting to take huge strides. Keep grinding. Way to bring home the chip!!!


Team Rumble 8 and 9 under was blessed to get a wonderful speaker. Coach Paul Britt came through with lots of wisdom and knowledge. Check out the video below.


It was a great day for the program as Team Rumble did their first

TEAM RUMBLE SOCIAL MEDIA DAY                                                                      

Social Media day is when the travel teams come together and play each other, take pictures, bond, and have fun.  Team Rumble prides itself on being more than just a basketball program, but creating a family environment where all the kids can have fun.  Check out the video!


The excitement is in the air.  Bannaker’s TEAM RUMBLE is making big moves.  We are very excited about the responses of all the coaches and kids interested.  We have a lot of great things to announce like our own tournament, our new board members, and the new teams that will be coming in to our organization.  We also have a FREE CLINIC that we will be announcing starting soon in September.  We have some phenomenal coaches and surprises in store.  Its just an amazing time to be apart of Bannaker’s TEAM RUMBLE family.  We just got word that our organization will be offering tutoring and an after school program where each child will receive a free meal.  Stay tuned for more information.  If you want to know about getting your child into the TEAM RUMBLE program, please fill out info below.