About Us


Our Approach

We try to be community based.  We want to teach basketball, but provide other valuable live skills in order to for our players to succeed on and off the court.  Our goal is teaching young athletes to play sports at a highly competitive level.  We also help athletes and families with the financial burden of travel and exposure.

Our Story

Coach Everett Winchester and Coach William Fitzgerald have been coaching together for years.  After a successful run coaching the NBA player Sam Cassell Allstars AAU team, they decided to start their own program from scratch.  They decided to create a platform that was different than other programs, insisting there be classes, seminars on economics as well as entrepreneurship. They also implemented a college recruiting program.  They decided that it was important to change the community as well as teach the players about bball.

Meet the Team

Our board of directors have years of experience in coaching, running programs, and dealing with players of all skill levels.  Their experience makes our program thrive!

Coach Everett Winchester

Co-Founder & Director of College recruiting and educational resources.


Coach William Fitzgerald

Co-Founder, Director of administration and fundraising


Coach Renard Rouse

Director of operations and recruiting


Coach John Morant

Treasurer and director of ministry.

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